My recent appearance The Zero Hour with Richard Eskow, 12/08/22
Troy N. Miller on The Jeff Santos Show 10/17/22Watch now (23 min) | Discussing why Democrats need to message on economic issues in 2022's midterms and beyond.
Discussing Sen. Manchin's dirty pipeline deal, Appalachian stereotypes, and more.
Troy N. Miller on The Jeff Santos Show 9/16/22Watch now (24 min) | We discussed the rail workers and the state of unionization, WV's abortion ban, and why Wall Street, the 1%, and the GOP want to…
An Abortion Ban Will Make A Bad Situation Worse in WV. That’s The Point.
As labor celebrates wins in sectors and areas all over the United States, this essay is a crash-course overview of power dynamics in West Virginia’s…
A Tribute to Michael J. Iafrate: Appalachian Activist, Theologian, Musician & MoreListen now (29 min) | I sat down with Sean Decker to discuss the life, work, and legacy of Michael J. Iafrate (January 1, 1977 - May 12, 2021). I'm…
West Virginia’s politicians are rejecting the state’s immigrant history -- Here’s Why
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